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Lorant Deutsch visiting Montbéliard

Lorant Deutsch visiting Montbéliard

Lorant Deutsch was passing through Montbéliard! Check out his new video “To Any Berzingue! »

In this video published on December 8, 2021, Lorant Deutsch takes a tour of our beautiful city of Montbéliard, through time and through the surrounding curiosities.

Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, in the Modern Era and in the Contemporary Era then nowadays, listen to the history of Montbéliard told by Lorant Deutsch in this video of more than 16 minutes.

Lorant, if you feel like it, you are welcome to Magnolia Park! 😉

Le Parc du Magnolia

+33 3 81 31 27 51

44 Faubourg de Besançon
25200 Montbeliard